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Four  Services every Medicare Supplement Broker Should Provide.

When one approaches the age of 65 they discover the potential complexities of Medicare.  Complex from understanding what Original Medicare is, the enrollment process to the selection of the proper Medicare Supplement.  We are strong advocates of using competent and qualified Medicare insurance brokers to assist you in navigating this complexity.  But how do you know a broker is competent. Below are four services every Medicare Supplement insurance broker should provide.

  1. The broker is committed to helping you understand in the most precise but simple manner possible how to enroll in Medicare and what Medicare is. The broker is committed to providing Free Medicare Education
  2. The broker represents numerous insurance carriers.  In this representation, they provide for you the lowest priced Medicare Supplements on the market.  The broker will educate you on the fact that all Medicare Supplements by letter are the same.  Our motto for our insurance practice is “Best Priced Medicare Supplements. We Promise!”
  3. As you become older the broker will protect your interest to contact you when your insurance premiums increase to make sure your pricing is acceptable to you.  It is a reality in the world of Medicare Supplement insurance that your premiums will increase.  Your broker is an advocate to make sure you understand how the cost of your plan compares to the other insurance carriers in your area.
  4. The broker will provide you with information and keep you up to speed on the changes in Medicare.

We are proud and thankful to state that the clients of The Medigap Pro are very appreciative of the services we have provided.  They continue to refer their friends and neighbors to us because they know the experience we provide is one committed to providing all our clients with superior’s expertise and service.

If you are approaching Medicare age or have any questions regarding Medicare please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can reach us at 1-800-535-8016 or visit our web site at

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