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Medicare Part D

Obtaining the proper prescription drug coverage is important. There are two ways to obtain prescription drug coverage through Medicare. Medicare prescription drug coverage is referred to as Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D comes with an expense to the insured. The insured elects the plan that is best for them.

Whatever plan is chosen, Medicare drug coverage can help you pay for brand-name and generic drugs at pharmacies that are convenient to you. Cost will vary depending on the drug plan you choose.

To obtain Medicare Part D you need to go to On the upper menu click “Drug Coverage Part D”. Follow the prompts under “How to join a drug plan. These prompts will allow you to list your current medications and receive direction regarding which insurance carriers will provide the best coverage to meet your needs.

Discount Drug Cards

A discount drug card is a card that will provide discounts on selected prescriptions. It is suggested you search the internet for plans that are specific to your area of the country. Listed below are some selected plan sites.

Canadian Pharmacies

Some of our clients have reported excellent results in using Canadian pharmacies. The cost of the drug using a pharmacy located outside the USA can be significantly less. Listed below are some sites that will be of help to you.

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